First Years

Flávia Ferreira, youngest child of Otávio and Laura Ferreira, was born in Afogados da Ingazeira, Pernambuco, where she went to school from elementary to high school. 

Music was part of her world since very early in her life. At eight years old, she began playing cavaquinho that she learned at home, watching her father and brothers playing. After the cavaquinho, Flávia learned how to play guitar and accordion. By that time, very attached to her brother Bernard, she already accompanied him on the guitar while he improvised jazz tunes.

First Performances

She took part of the Domingos Alegres, a radio talent show presented by Waldecy Xavier Menezes, and in plays staged at the Cine San Jose auditorium. Later, she took part of an orchestra that Dinamerico “Seu Dino” Lopes was the conductor. Afogados da Ingazeira has always been a city highly developed in terms of arts-related activities.

Flavinha has always lived among artists. Her sister Lourdinha, who has a different style, also played the accordion very well and made duet with brother Bernardo. Flavinha lived her youth playing until 1966, when Bernard died. After his death, she spent a year without playing and later the family moved to Recife. When she went back to the guitar, she improved a technique that she and her brother used when playing together.

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