Flávia Ferreira

1. Saudade   -   score
2. Encontro   -   score
3. Traços   -   score
4. Rio Pajeú   -   score
5. Viena   -   score
6. Havana   -   score
7. Arabesco   -   score
8. Lamento Gitano - score
9. Soñante   -   score
10. Blues Azul   -   score
Flavia Ferreira

Music carries our minds by way of a feeling of pure love and art, which may lead us both to times and places (Flávia Ferreira).

Flávia Ferreira’s talent and inspiration brought to scene her first musical creation. Here, Flávia put together her preferences, her style, and her influences - from the country music of Pernambuco, in Rio Pajeú, to the Iberian music of Lamento Gitano and Arabesco.

Finally, an out of the ordinary CD, in which the guitar becomes an extension of the personality of this unique musician (Fred Monteiro, musician. and composer).

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