Tracesof Life
Flávia Ferreira

Flávia Ferreira - guitar

Sofy Encanto - vocals


The song Traces of Life is especially dedicated to Erasto Vasconcelos, an excellent Brazilian percussionist from Pernambuco, who participated in shows with our Group Lumiar. This song is part of “The Best of Open Space" - 1988, an LP recorded by the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco in Recife. MARCY DE FARIA wrote its English version. This CD was recorded in October 2008 in Miami with the special participation of singer Sofy Encanto (Elastic Bond). Traces of Life is also part of Michelle Forman’s repertoire in shows of the "She Said" band and will be included in the next CD with songs in partnership with SONIA VENOHR.

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